We are pleased to announce that five papers from the 8th APSN Conference were published in a special issue of the Singapore Journal of Legal Studies (SJLS). The five papers are:

  1. A Common Law of Privacy?
    Megan Richardson
  2. Enforcement Design for Data Privacy: A Comparative Study
    Gehan Gunasekara
  3. The Charter of Fundamental Rights, the Aims of EU Competition Law and Data Protection: Time to Level the Playing Field
    Divin De Buffalo Irakiza
  4. Whose Health Record? A Comparison of Patient Rights Under National Electronic Health Record (NEHR) Regulations in Europe and Asia-Pacific Jurisdictions
    James Scheibner, Marcello Ienca and Effy Vayena
  5. Three Shades of Data: Australia, Philippines, Thailand
    Robert Brian Smith, Mark Perry and Nucharee Nuchkoom Smith

The keynote paper delivered by Professor Megan Richardson and the introduction written by Professor David Tan can be freely viewed online at https://law1.nus.edu.sg/sjls/articles/SJLS-Mar-21-6.pdf and https://law.nus.edu.sg/trail/wp-content/uploads/sites/9/2021/05/SJLS-APSN-Symposium.pdf respectively. For full texts of other papers, please read SJLS.